The Illustrated Fretboard is relevant to both experts and beginners - simply because it visually states what is. The basics are all there within the context of more advanced concepts. This is a beautiful thing, because you’ll effortlessly and unwitingly be learning and practicing these bigger concepts everytime you use the charts. So don’t become overwhelmed and feel it neccessary to fully understand a diagram in order to use it.

New to Guitar? The first objective is to have fun as soon as possible. In other words, learn some chords and play some songs. Which chords, which songs, and how?

Chords: Open chords such as, A Major, A Minor, A7, C Major, D Major, D Minor, E Major, E Minor, F Major, G Major, G7 are a good start. These can be found in the Open Position Chord section of this site with charts presenting finger positioning. Major and minor barre/moveable chords on the first and second string are highly recommended as well - especially if you're using an electric guitar. Practice, practice, practice...

Songs: What or who are you into? You may be surprised at the simplicity of many current and classic songs. Easy chords, easy progressions. Millions of songs along with their chords can be found either online (google-search,,, look for “tabs”) or from a music book. The trick is to get started with something easy and enjoyable, so do a quick scan of the material first, look for those basic chords from above.

How: Drag a pick across the strings you’d like to play! Rythym is worth a mentiovn. Find a beat and tap your foot to it. Try strumming down every time your foot goes down, and up everytime it rises, as if your hand and foot were connected. Or perhaps only strum down once each time your foot goes down and up. Or strum down twice for each tap down, and once for every lift of the foot... Strumming variations are truly endless, experiment, but for the most part keep your foot tapping and or headbanging steady.

Take a lesson from a friend or instructor, as a little bit of technique can go a long way. Get frustrated, this is natural, but stick with it and you’ll amaze yourself. What seems impossible today will soon become second nature, gauranteed. Still frustrated? Try lighter strings. And of course - Explore this site (at your leisure). Investigate the sections which interest you. Each concept and technique will naturally lead to the next...




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