The fretboard diagrams contain each of the twelve chromatic keys represented in each of the 7 modes of the major scale. The major scale pattern remains constant throughout all 86 fretboards, However...

In a key change the entire pattern shifts left or right to align the root note (1) with the desired key. In a mode change the root note’s position remains the same, while the scale pattern/form/shape shifts to the appropriate scale degree.

The 5 overlapping and repeating scale forms of the CAGED system are depicted by their respective 5 shades of grey. The CAGED system is a remarkable tool. With only 5 overlapping scale forms to recognize, a framework for unlimited variations is provided. See the CAGED System section for details.


Within each chart particular scale degrees are accented. Root notes (1) are signified by a white inner ring. Triad notes (1,3,5-relative to the mode displayed) are signified by an inner ring as well, however the 3 and 5 feature grey rings. Major and minor pentatonic scales are signified by revealing the omitted notes (grey degree dots).

The grey bar found above each chart portrays the scale degrees, notes, relative modes, and a compatible chord summary. A chord is considered compatible with a scale if it’s composed entirely of notes found within the scale.


Every possible compatible chord type can be derived from its extended 13th chord symbol. However for quick reference a summary is thoughtfully provided. M represents a major chord. (-) represents a minor chord. Refer to the Abbreviation page for an explanation of symbols. The 9th and 11th chord symbols are not included in the summary as they are easy to extrapolate from the provided 13th symbol. Well, so are the 7th chords but the line had to be drawn somewhere. It’s also worth mentioning when something like a sus(2,4) chord symbol is shown a sus, sus2, and a sus(2,4) chord may all be considered “compatible”.

OOPS! - For the Lydian (degree 4 in Major) compatible chord distinction. The 13th extended chord should read: M13(b11) instead of M13(#11). And I mispelled Mixolydian (in a hasty update?)...